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Mitel Phone Handsets
Telrad Phone Handsets
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Mitel Telephone Systems
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The AdvanceIP systems offer you the best in voice and data communications today and, with their state-of-the-art data technology, provide the platform from which to plan sophisticated data communication applications for tomorrow.

Telrad Connegy has been successfully designing and manufacturing telecommunications systems for almost half a century. Designed and built using the experience gained by Telrad over the years, the AdvanceIP system is one of the most advanced PABXs in the world, with a clear migration path from the smallest to the largest option, and an "evergreen" strategy affording maximum utilisation of the system's resources.

Telrad Advance IP Network Diagram

The AdvanceIP systems family is fully scalable and can start as low as 10 ports all the way up to 1024 ports so the system can grow as your business grows. The AdvanceIP system family provides a highly flexible, digital, integrated voice/data business IP telecommunications system that is suitable for all sizes of businesses.

Telrad Advance IP Features

The modular design of the AdvanceIP system allows you to easily add extra functionality to your telecommunications system as and when you need it by simply adding extra cards or modules. As your business grows your investment is protected by the migration of cards and phones from the smallest to the largest system - this provides your business with a cost-effective communications system that can grow with you as dictated by your business needs.

The AdvanceIP system provides you with Unified Communications that is the next step in communications and related technologies. Unified Communications brings together multiple IT capabilities, supporting an efficient approach to communicating that enhances how individuals and companies conduct business.