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Jungle Networks is now offering NHS Medical Centres in London and Hertfordshire fax to email services completely free of charge.
The rising cost of paper and ink cartridges used to send and receive faxes is making NHS medical centres rethink their technology. 
The fax to email service enables surgeries to receive all inbound faxes to an allocated email account as opposed to a fax machine.
In conjunction with telephone systems providing VOIP phones allowing NHS surgeries to call each other completely free of charge. Jungle Networks can advise NHS medical centres how new technology will make substantial savings as well as enhancing the efficiency of their surgery.
Contact Jungle Networks to organize a fax to email demonstration live at your local medical centre.


Jungle Networks install new Hosted IP telephone system for insurance company based at the Lloyds Building in London.

This customer recently moved office location and needed to retain their existing telephone numbers at the new premises.

The old office was located in different BT exchange area from the new office in the Lloyds Building, London.

Hertfordshire based Jungle Networks successfully migrated the existing telephone numbers onto the new Hosted IP telephone system retaining the customer’s revenue stream from their long-term clients.

If you are moving office and need to retain your business telephone numbers contact our service team on 01442 200150 who will assist you with a seamless office move.

Do you have staff that need to work remotely?
Do you want full visibility of remote workers and monitor their call volumes?
Is commuting to the office simply to make business phone calls just too time consuming?

If so then the Mitel HX remote solution may be suitable for your organisation:
Remote workers can be provided with a physical IP phone which plugs into their home broadband.

The phone will then connect via the internet  back to the office telephone system

The remote phone has full access to the host telephone system and can use all the features available to it as if they were in the office.

  • All calls to and from the office are entirely FREE.

If your office is in London you can take your phone anywhere else in the world and still receive calls without you or the caller incurring extra costs. Never miss that important call again!

Some remote workers don’t want a physical phone, in which case a softphone can be installed on their laptop giving them total flexibility and freedom to work wherever there is an internet connection. The softphone uses the industry standard SIP protocol 5060 to make and receive calls. Please ensure strong usernames and passwords are used (and updated regularly) for remote workers.
Other telecom manufacturers also provide remote working solutions. Some manufacturers such as  Panasonic telephone systems will need a VPN router at the home user end since Panasonic doesn’t support NAT.
Whichever approach suits your organisation, contact Jungle Networks today for further information on how remote workers can improve your business.

A recent installation at a Medical Centre has received very positive feedback as we have significantly enhanced the day to day running of their surgery.  
"My experience of Jungle Networks has been an excellent one. From
initial discussions about a new phone system and taking over the
telephone lines I have found them to be extremely helpful, patient and
understanding. Their after sales service is exactly the same, I would
not hesitate in recommending them to another surgery."

Jungle Networks have successfully installed a new Mitel HX telephone system with ISDN lines for a homecare service provider in Essex. The company has over 100 community support workers providing care and support to adults living within their own homes.

The carers telephone numbers have been programmed into a central phone book so they can be quickly dialed at the press of a few buttons. People requiring out of hours support can now call in 24/7 and be connected to a carer.

Contact Jungle Networks today should you need advice on how to make your telephone system meet the needs of your business and clients.

Our technical specialists have just finished installing a new Mitel HX telephone system into a school in Wales. What a friendly bunch of people the Welsh are!

The new telephone system offers many useful features to a school. Reception can put calls through to each individual teacher. Parents can leave pupil absence messages in a mail box.

In the event of a snow closure, the school can remotely record an emergency message to be played to parents when they call in.