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Mitel Phone Handsets
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Mitel Telephone Systems
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Education Solutions   Jungle networks have a dedicated team of people with many years’ experience working within the education industry. We always offer impartial advice to ensure you have the right solution that will meet your exact business requirements. Contact our friendly team for more information or to discuss your telephone system requirements.

Enhancing the way you communicate

  • Access to tools and resources such as IP conferencing and collaboration applications.  Enabling teachers and administrators to view the same documents or presentations, which is useful for teacher training or student exercises.
  • Messaging applications that improve parent/teacher interaction
  • Emergency notification systems that enhance student and school safety processes.
  • Integrate you mobile into the telephone system, enabling complete mobility while still being contactable via your telephone extension number.
  • Record a telephone call via the desktop  handset
  • Voicemail to email
  • Keep parents up to date on pupils school trips. Teachers can simply dial into the auto attendant to give daily (or weekly) updates keeping parents up to date on the day’s activity.
  • Distance learning and mobility solutions that enhance educational experiences for students.
  • Solutions that are easy to use, integrate and manage.
  • Improved visibility, Bursars and administrators can instantly see who is busy on the phone and who is available.
  • Inter-campus connectivity, Reduces call charges between sites and mobile workers.
  • Staff Productivity improved by reducing costs and supporting internal communication like automatically routing internal calls using recipient's names (including off site calls) and recording sick days or student attendance.

Effective solutions for Education

By implementing a telephone system with enhanced functionality, calls could be routed directly to your mobile or to a phone in your working area. Heads of department can contact teaching staff regarding timetables, class room allocation changes and other important matters.

Effective communications are essential to any successful school and with ever decreasing budgets and resources reducing your communication costs is more important than ever. Call us for an informal chat about your requirements or to request more information on our products and services.