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Preço tamiram 500mg generico

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Preço tamiram 500mg generico

Mitel Phone Handsets
Telrad Phone Handsets
Panasonic Phone Handsets
Avaya Phone Handsets

Phone Systems

Mitel Telephone Systems
Telrad Telephone Systems
Panasonic Telephone Systems
Avaya Telephone Systems
Communications Solutions For Restaurants The telephone is essential for restaurant patron contact, reservations, business intelligence and of course takeout orders. Jungle Networks know and understand that telephone contact is your business lifeblood.

If a customer gets a busy signal, wait on hold, or receives poor service on the phone, they are more likely to call your competition to book dinner or schedule their next company event.

Do you know how many of your customers got a busy signal when they called one of your sites (and probably took their business elsewhere)? You could be losing precious call-in business in one or several locations and not even know it.

The Jungle Networks team specializes in installing and maintaining telephone systems that not only enhance the efficiency of the reservation/booking department but will also create great customer experience which in turn means repeat business for your restaurant.

The telephones systems installed and maintained by Jungle Networks will offer the following business benefits:

  • Calls automatically answered by a personalized greeting if the main reservation phones are currently busy (never miss a call from a customer).
  • Tailored automatic greeting messages depending on the time of day i.e. ‘Good morning, welcome too’….’Good afternoon our lunch time hours are…………..Good evening our table bookings start from 6pm onwards etc.
  • Multiple restaurant locations connected together acting as one telephone solution i.e. one possible reservation department for the entire restaurant chain.
  • Priority queuing for corporate clients
  • Clients name are presented on incoming calls to enable staff to greet customers by their name (great personal touch)
  • Presence allows staff to visibly see who is currently available to receive a call or indeed currently engaged on another call.
  • Call Recording on the desktop handset
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Connect your personal DDI number with your mobile phone (never miss a call)

Contact Jungle Networks to speak to our friendly service team who will advise you on the most suitable telephone system solution for your business.